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Excerpts from the website cmentarze-zydowskie “Jewish cemeteries”

Jews have lived in Poland for the entire 1000 year history. What remains of this culture, which has always been part of Polish history, are the many cemeteries in many places. Since 2005, the scientist and publicist Krzysztof Bielawski has been running a website presenting Jewish cemeteries in Poland.

Cemetery Preussisch Holland
Cemetery in Preussisch Holland / Pasłęk

The authors hope that this guide will inspire to visiting these places and will draw attention to the remaining signs of the pre-war presence of the Polish Jewish community, now disappearing from the current landscape.

“Jewish cemeteries are very special places. Hidden somewhere out of the way, covered with high grass, they intrigue us with their atmosphere and we find delight in the Hebrew scriptures laboriously and artistically forged by unknown craftsmen.”

Mazeva Erstine Wohl
Preussisch Holland / Pasłęk

The association Jews in East Prussia is pleased that many activists in Poland are also concerned about  heritage of cultures that no longer live in Poland, and that they also care about the heritage of German Jews who once enjoyed being at home in their beloved East Prussia. Increased cooperation with local initiatives will lead to more and more research results from Polish being made available in English and German to descendants living all over the world. We would like to thank you for the openness and the great interest we are meeting. Hopefully, this cooperation can also bring further family stories from memory back to the places “home” and enrich their historiography.

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With the kind permission of Mr. Krzysztof Bielawski. Even without knowledge of Polish you can see lists of names of gravestones. cmentarze-zydowskie.pl >>

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  • Krzysztof Bielawski a researcher of Jewish cemeteries, a publicist. Founder of the www.cmentarze-zydowskie.pl website. He was a specialist in Jewish heritage in the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN. A graduate of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management in Warsaw and the Institute of History of the University of Warsaw (major: History and Culture of Jews). Research interests: Jewish cemeteries and funeral customs, Jewish material heritage, history of Jews in Poland after 1989.